(0) - 1 YOKOMO BD8 Alu Chassis + GFORCE 13.5 as Free

(0) - 1 YOKOMO BD8 Alu Chassis + GFORCE 13.5 as Free


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YOKOMO BD8 Alu Chassis + GFORCE 13.5 as Free

New Centre Aligned Front Belt System, the front belt now runs up the middle of the car which improves the car’s balance as well as smoothness during on-power acceleration.
Large 22T Centre Pulley, the centre pulley has been changed to allow the front and rear belt to run off the same pulley, providing a longer wear for front and rear belts whilst also offering improved acceleration.
Bush / Insert Suspension Blocks, Yokomo have now moved to the bush / insert style suspension blocks, which allows customers easier toe adjustments, the new blocks are also lower which further improves the car centre of gravity.
New Motor Mount / Flex System, The new car carries a smaller motor mount design, which has moved the motor forward inboard (Centre) to increase the cars overall balance, the new motor mount also has new screw placements underneath the chassis which will improve the cars overall grip and corner speed once again.
New lightweight graphite plastics , The BD8 will compromise of all new plastic parts, including, Suspension arms, Front Caster Blocks and Knuckles, as well as rear hubs. The new plastics improves the cars performance in a range of different conditions.
New Servo Mount Design, The new servo mounts runs further up the centre line of the chassis making a slight adjustment to the flex characteristics of the car. The new servo mount will also now be a standard item in the new car.
Front Double Joint DCJ’s, Yokomo’s high-quality front DCJ’s will also remain a standard feature in the new kit.
Bulkhead X Braces, A feature which will carry over from the BD7, is the ability to run the X braces, which gives drivers more tuning options in different conditions.
Big Bore SLF 2 Short Shocks, Yokomo’s big bore high capacity shocks which also carry a low COG design will be carried over to the new car.

The front belt system has now been placed directly down the centre of the chassis, this has been proven to eliminate the twist the car encompasses whilst on power. as well as provide a very smooth acceleration on and off power making corner acceleration smoother and faster.

The new motor mount is a simple lightweight lower COG design which has now positioned the motor further inboard from its BD7 successor, the new motor mount is designed to give the driver multiple screw placement options, whilst improving the overall balance as the screws now run in a straight line parallel with the new front belt system. 

The Aluminum Servo mount has now been redesigned and is a standard feature in the new BD8 kit, the new mount is a floating wrap around style which has been extended slightly to decrease chassis twist. 

The aluminum steering bellcrank are included / bundled into the new kit, the Aluminium bellcrank / centre link is renowned for providing a sharper steering response. The factory team has found this to be far more predictable / linear vs the previous plastic system.

A newly designed front and Rear hub which is made from a high precision graphite resin which improves strength and durability, Also we have now opened the hubs to allow the Drive shaft to come out without having to remove the knuckle from the hub carrier. 

The FR and RR suspension mounts have now been changed to a low COG bushing style mount, (1mm lower) which improves the time to make toe in/out adjustments, and allows the customer not to have to carry a considerable range of blocks. 

The kit does not include body, wheels, tires, motor, batteries ,pinion gear, and other R/C electrics.

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