(0) - YOKOMO YD-2 With YG-302 Steering gyro


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YOKOMO YD-2 With YG-302 Steering gyro

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Specially designed for RWD / 2WD Drifting, its able to get incredible front steering angle with unique A-Arm.

In rear your find a unique layout of Motor and Spur Gear. This is designed to give a higher gravity point to allow aggressive chassis roles while drifting. The Gear box is also completely new designed.

There are 2 chassis kits - the YD-2 is the plastic version and the YD-2 PLUS is the carbon version.

The exact details are not announced yet, but also expect some aluminium parts like dampers.

The both chassis offer a different drive feel as well as acceptable different kind of RWD Drifters.

Battery mount is flexible for Shorty and conventional straight long type.

New Rear Hub Carrier for YD-2, but you can also use YD-4 parts as a set up variation.

Upper arm length are adjustable.


Includes Yokomo YG-302 Steering Gyro 3 Channel for RWD drift (YG-302)!

This new Yokomo Gyro has a specific design for RWD Drift.

The Gyro has 3 channel support. So you can adjust the Gain form the 3rd channels of you radio while driving.

The Gyro is already tested by Team Yokomo Drivers at the D1:10 championship 2016 in Emmen (Holland).

The result was they got all the 3 YD-2 prototype equipped with this new Gyro on the podium. So a great 1-2-3 result!

The Gyro has the same internals as the RPG-302. Only with plastic housing.

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