YOKOMO RPG-302-V3 Gyro

YOKOMO RPG-302-V3 Gyro


  • €6490


YOKOMO RPG-302-V3 Gyro

The new gyro is the Racing Performer(RP) brand family, named as RPG-302 V3.

Conventional RPG-302 was well known as its best balance in high response as well as

mild steering performance to achieve a realistic drifting angle.

And now, new model RPG-302 V3 has a new feature , Adjustable Steering End Point.


The drivers are now possible to adjust the steering limit for right and left. independently

in accordance with the surface environment and track layout.

Appearance of aluminum case has also updated, now chamfered edges are anodized with

red color to show its specialty at the track.

The new gyro RPG-302 V3 will be the best choice for all type of RWD car, but also suitable

for AWD(4WD) car which is more less steering angle due to the mechanical restriction.

By setting up the steering end point, even the AWD car can perform the realistic drift in safety operation.

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